Victor Matekole

Founder, Seedbloom

Victor Matekole is a software developer with 15 years of experience in various sectors, including eCommerce, energy, and finance. He has worked with both startups and global companies including Adidas, E.ON and Satoshipay. Over the last three years, Victor has researched peer-to-peer, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, cooperative business structures, and natural organisation behaviour. Victor suggests that nature has been more successful leveraging cooperative behaviour than competitive behaviour. Inspired by the research of Gar Alperovitz, it is his life mission to explore ways of combining peer-to-peer, blockchain, and trustless technologies to create new digital primitives and governance tools to support global scale cooperatives and ethical business organisations.

He founded Seedbloom in 2016 – an organisation that is building an accessible, uncompromising, ethical, and sustainable investment path for entrepreneurs around the globe. It is a seeding, equity crowdfunding, and governance platform for co-ops and ethically driven enterprises. In addition, Seedbloom is supporting existing co-ops with regard to growth strategies and the raising of capital. Seedbloom is combining progressive cryptographic technologies including IPFS, smart contracts, and immutable ledgers, with its work with a team of legal experts and coders. It streamlines the challenging process of devising bylaws, incorporation, and membership acquisition for platform co-ops. Seedbloom reduces the cost, time, and effort for founders when seeding an organisation. Seedbloom addresses the “capital problem” faced by cooperative platforms by providing access to capital through public equity crowd sales. It offers founders the opportunity to connect with experienced investors and potential advisory board members, and a wide-ranging user base. Its vision is to enable a fairer distribution of capital/wealth by fostering global cooperatives and “triple-bottom line enterprises” that foreground not only profit but also earth, and people.

My Sessions

Working session: Designing interoperable apps for the open app ecosystem


How to finance: crowdfunding, community shares and crypto equity

Great Hall

Venture capital is not the solution! This session looks at the alternative forms of funding available to Co-ops including crowd funding, community shares and crypto equity.