Laura Hilliger

Open Strategist, We Are Open Coop

Laura Hilliger is an artist, educator, writer and technologist. She’s a multimedia designer and developer, a technical liaison, a project manager, an Open Web hacktivist who is happiest in collaborative environments. She’s a co-founder of the We Are Open Co-op, an Ambassador for Opensource.com, is working to help open up Greenpeace, and a Mozilla alum. Find her on Twitter as @epilepticrabbit

My Sessions

How best can we use open source tools to let a million people write the next Labour manifesto?

Great Hall

Working session: Designing interoperable apps for the open app ecosystem


Open + Co-op: A force to be reckoned with?

Great Hall

Imagine if we could combine open practices with co-operative ownership and governance. These two hugely successful movements have the potential to catalyse each other with enormous mutual benefit.

Co-op Open