Oliver Sylvester-Bradley

Co-Founder, The Open Co-op

Oliver Sylvester-Bradley is a marketing and communications advisor with many years experience in sustainability.

Oliver graduated from Central Saint Martins and then studied an Msc in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales. He wrote his thesis on Encouraging Environmentally Responsible Behaviour and specialises in communications and marketing strategies which encourage democracy and sustainability.

Oliver Co-Founded The Open Co-op and developed a concept for an open source communications system PLANET in 2004. He recently updated PLANET as a vision of an open source operating system for a collaborative sustainable economy.

He now runs Defacto Design, an ethical marketing agency, and ElevatorCafe.com – The Good Job Network, as well as working for The Open Co-op.

My Sessions

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Empowering digital collaboration: Introducing the open app ecosystem

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Open source apps are the holy grail for increased efficiency and collaboration but are less useful if they do not talk to each other. The open app ecosystem is a concept in which all apps are interoperable (meaning they can talk to each other), which has the potential to radically enhance productivity.


Working session: Designing interoperable apps for the open app ecosystem


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Can the Platform Co-ops movement replace our failing economic and political systems?

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This discussion will explore the possibility of a co-owned, democratically controlled nested system of Co-ops superseding our failing economic and political systems.

Co-op Open

Summing up / looking forward

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