Felix Weth

Founder, Fairmondo eG

Felix is the founder of Fairmondo, a german online-marketplace owned by its users. He holds degrees in political sciences, philosophy, economics, and public policy and administration. As an anti-corruption activist, he travelled in various African and other countries and saw how corruption deprives especially young people of life chances. For him, this experience highlighted the structural deficiencies of our economic and political systems, also and in particular in western countries. To address this challenge, he developed the idea of Fairmondo as a corruption-resistant, transparent, web-based co-operative that could serve as a model for other businesses.

My Sessions

Open source and co-owned: The potent mix of collaborative software and cooperative ownership


Fairmondo is a co-operative version of Amazon, which is owned and managed by its members. This case study will explore how Fairmondo functions as a Co-op using fully open source software to run a successful online marketplace.


Can the Platform Co-ops movement replace our failing economic and political systems?

Great Hall

This discussion will explore the possibility of a co-owned, democratically controlled nested system of Co-ops superseding our failing economic and political systems.

Co-op Open