Brianna Wettlaufer

Co-Founder & CEO, Stocksy

Brianna Wettlaufer is the co-founder and CEO of Stocksy United, an artist-owned, multi-stakeholder cooperative in Victoria, BC (Canada). With its stable of hand-picked photographers, Stocksy produces high-end, beautiful imagery that challenges the tired stereotypes found at traditional stock photography agencies.Brianna started Stocksy in 2012 with a team of industry veterans whose mandate was to create a marketplace that would remain true to it’s core ideals of sustainability and authenticity, while ensuring that the bulk of its revenues were returned to the artists that made it possible.

Stocksy United has set the bar for creativity by offering a tightly curated collection of high-quality stock photos to anyone seeking modern, relevant, authentic images. Stocksy is a cooperative driven by its core values to offer photographers a supportive community, fair pay and equity in the company as co-owners. The community behind Stocksy gains its strength through open collaboration and support of ideas, experience, and artistic vision. Profitable almost from its inception, today Stocksy employs 25 people in 5 countries, has 850 voting member photographers, counts over 100 of the Fortune 500 amongst its clients, and is the agency of record for some of the the world’s most prestigious ad agencies. As of Q2 2015, Stocksy has paid out over 4 million to its artists. Stocksy’s success can be measured, also, by the impact it has had on its industry by heralding a shift towards highly curated collections and fairer royalties paid to photographers.

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