Bob Cannell

Mentor, Co-operative Business Consultants (CBC)

Bob is one of the most experienced worker co-op practitioners and thinkers in the UK. Recently retired after 30 years helping to grow Suma into the UKs biggest worker cooperative, Bob advises and mentors worker and community cooperatives.

He has radical views on the nature and management of cooperative organisations which he describes as ‘not a system but a conversation’. The growth of network and platform co-ops emphasises this view of organisations as conversations. But Bob says all organisations can and will degrade into hierarchies unless we understand and implement cooperative principles fit for the age of communication.

My Sessions

Ask us anything: with Pat Conaty, Bob Cannell and Josef Davies-Coates


With a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, from decades of research into the open, collaborative, peer to peer and commons movements, this session provides attendees a chance to ask about the issues that have not been covered elsewhere.


How to decide: Collaborative decision making


Cooperative governance is not as hard as it sounds. Learn how existing co-ops make collective decisions and about the online tools available to facilitate collaborative decision making.