Pat Conaty

Research Associate, Co-operatives UK

Pat Conaty is a Californian working in England and Wales. He is a Fellow of the New Economics Foundation (NEF) and a Research Associate of Co-operatives UKHe specialises in action research, education and development that focuses on successful methods of social innovation.

Pat has led work on Community Development Finance and, more recently, to develop other innovative forms of co-operative economic democracy, including community land trusts for housing. His latest book, co-authored with Mike Lewis was ‘The Resilience Imperative: Cooperative Transitions to a Steady-state Economy”.

My Sessions

Ask us anything: with Pat Conaty, Bob Cannell and Josef Davies-Coates


With a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, from decades of research into the open, collaborative, peer to peer and commons movements, this session provides attendees a chance to ask about the issues that have not been covered elsewhere.


Mutual exchange: community currencies and co-operative banking

Great Hall

Without changing our money and banking systems there seems little chance of building a collaborative sustainable economy.  What can we learn for past experience and existing efforts to create co-operative and community finance and exchange systems?