Kate Macdonald

Co-ordinator, Hull Mutual Aid Network

Kate is founder and co-ordinator of TimeBank Hull and East Riding and the steward in Hull for their Mutual Aid Network pilot site. She also sits on the board of the Main MAN, incorporated in Madison, Wisconsin. Communities around the world are piloting Mutual Aid Networks (MAN) designed to meet life’s economic needs – food justice, work redesign, sustainable energy, community justice, housing and transportation access, travel and culture exchange, etc. Local MANs are connecting in a global cooperative, the Main MAN, in order to support each other’s success and build a network of networks that can engage the 100% in a neighbourly global economy.

My Sessions

Mutual exchange: community currencies and co-operative banking

Great Hall

Without changing our money and banking systems there seems little chance of building a collaborative sustainable economy.  What can we learn for past experience and existing efforts to create co-operative and community finance and exchange systems?