Nicole Alix

President, La Coop des Communs

Nicole Alix is chairwoman of La Coop des Communs, to build alliances between Social Economy and the Commons. She is a also the Secretary of the Board of The Mont-Blanc Meetings – International Forum of the Social and Solidarity Economy Entrepreneurs and board member of Confrontations Europe, in charge of ‘Social Economy’. HEC Business School, she has been involved for 15 years in Crédit Coopératif (Development Director) and 25 years in social services of general interest (DDG of UNIOPSS -social welfare umbrella organization -, DG of “Maisons Isatis”- a group of care institutions and homes for elderly persons).

My Sessions

Building the international platform co-op movement: Introducing the Platform Cooperativism Consortium

Great Hall

The Commons, Co-ops, P2P, and Beyond


This panel will provide three different perspectives – commons, co-ops, and the social and solidarity economy – for exploring the challenges of moving beyond conventional capitalist structures. Each is developing distinctive new types of governance, production and social norms, and all are actively exploring cross-sectoral synergies. A global networks of commoners is focused on diverse […]

Co-op Open