The Commons, Co-ops, P2P, and Beyond


This panel will provide three different perspectives – commons, co-ops, and the social and solidarity economy – for exploring the challenges of moving beyond conventional capitalist structures. Each is developing distinctive new types of governance, production and social norms, and all are actively exploring cross-sectoral synergies. A global networks of commoners is focused on diverse approaches for de-commodifying market and property relationships and building durable, dynamic communities of practice (“commoning”). Open co-operativism and peer production are exploring how to use democratised labour power to reinvigorate well-established co-operative traditions using such tools as open data, ecological stewardship and commoning. And the co-operative and the solidarity economy movements are building on established models to improve organisational structures and institutional performance among commons and peer production – a cross-fertilisation being encouraged by La Coop des Communes.

Co-op Open