Gauthier Guerin

PhD Researcher, Radical Routes / University of Leeds

Gauthier Guerin is a co-operative activist and a PhD researcher at the Sustainability Research Institute of the University of Leeds. He has been involved for several years in the legal and finance working groups of Radical Routes, a mutual-aid network of co-operatives working for social change, particularly active in developing solutions based on autonomy, common ownership and democratic grassroots control in the sector of housing in the UK. Gauthier’s current research is based on the Radical Routes Co-op Cluster  (.pdf) model and the role of secondary co-ops in supporting the growth of co-operative sectors while conserving user control and common ownership.
Gauthier has lived in a housing co-op, provides support to several co-operative projects in his local community and is a committee member of Radical Routes’ investment fund, Rootstock. He also strongly supports, promotes and teaches the use of Free Software, with a particularly interest in open and decentralised communication and data sharing technologies.

My Sessions

Scaling the co-operative economy: Growth, replication and federated networks

Great Hall

Large Co-ops often become inefficient and struggle with efficiency but Co-ops of Co-ops are another story. Don’t re-invent the wheel, or compete with your peers, join them and reap the benefits of collaboration.