Dr Marisol Sandoval

Co-Founder, Cultural Cooperatives

Marisol Sandoval is a lecturer at the Centre for Culture and the Creative Industries at City University London. Her research critically explores questions of power, inequality and resistance in media culture. She is author of the book From Corporate to Social Media (2014) and co-editor of the open access journal tripleC – Communication, Capitalism and Critique. Marisol’s current research focuses on the worker co-operatives in the cultural sector and the role co-ops can play within radical politics today. She has been involved in starting the website http://cultural.coop, which aims encourage collaboration, mutual support and solidarity among cultural co-ops.

My Sessions

Scaling the co-operative economy: Growth, replication and federated networks

Great Hall

Large Co-ops often become inefficient and struggle with efficiency but Co-ops of Co-ops are another story. Don’t re-invent the wheel, or compete with your peers, join them and reap the benefits of collaboration.