Constance Laisné

Co-Director, Altgen

Constance is the co-director of Altgen, a worker’s co-operative that supports young people build their own co-operatives as part of transitioning to a more equal, democratic, and sustainable economy. She is a passionate advocate for transforming the world of work – from competition to collaboration and inspired by the democratic and organisational structures that the co-operative movement has made happen.

She is currently leading on the new Altgen project starting in January 2017: The Freelancers co-operative pilot programme, a six months experiment which aims at building a co-operative of self-employed people based in London working in the Cultural sector to co-operate and explore how through the co-operative principles they can move beyond competition and improve their working conditions and build sustainable freelancers co-operatives.

My Sessions

Bringing principle five to life: co-operative education, training and information


Why are Co-ops not as well understood as Ltd Companies? And what can the Co-op movement do to change that?