Stir to Action is a community organisation that publishes a quarterly magazine, runs workshop programmes and short courses, produces how-to resources for setting up co-operatives and community enterprises, commissions original artwork and facilitates social economy start-ups.

The best magazine on the commons out there.

Michel Bauwens, P2P Foundation

STIR magazine is filled with so much that matters for the future, that it was a real find. My day job is heading the Plunkett Foundation, which brings co-operative solutions to rural communities, and STIR is exploring the issues that, looking ahead, will matter to all communities and to the most forward thinking now.

Peter Couchman, Plunkett Foundation

Stir To Action is proof of the remarkable things a small group of passionate people can achieve when they put their minds to the grindstone.

Robert MacFarlane, Author

In a world crowded with opinions but often empty of hope, STIR magazine is essential reading. You won’t find its combination of provocative theory and practical example anywhere else. I’m yet to finish an edition of STIR without changing the way I see the world.

Anna Laycock, Finance Innovation Lab

Stir Magazine is deeply informative, radically inspiring and totally damn beautiful. This is what I want the future to look like.

Brett Scott, The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance