What does a locally-owned sharing hub look like?


Bex Trevalyan, Elle McAll, Joachim Jacob

This session combines the follow open space proposals:

  1. What does a locally-owned sharing hub look like? Eg how do things like community fridges, libraries of things, childcare coops & shared workspaces sit alongside each other? Hardware / software / governance / culture? – Bex Trevalyan (Library of Things, Impact Hub Brixton)
  2. Seeking street for new social experiment called ‘The Street that Shared’ – putting sharing / trust to the test in one community. DM @hubbubUK if you’d like to discuss. https://www.hubbub.org.uk/Event/uk-residential-street-wanted-for-upcoming-campaign
  3. We share electric cars between our members of our cooperative enterprise. To do so, we have developed our own mobile platform. We (Partago, B & Som Mobilitat, E) are looking for more cooperatives, that want to join our development efforts.